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Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita...

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Имя ей легион
"Спокойной ночи, малыши" уже отзвенели, так что можно ;) Знатоки английского, вам! Язык всегда можно эээ знать глубже.
Cage, Diana. “Box Lunch: The Layperson's Guide to Cunnilingus.” Published July 1st 2004 by Alyson Books

Fabulously fun names to call your pussy:

Alley, Altar of Love, Angie, Apple, Artichoke, Axe Wound, Banana Split, Bank, Barge, Bazoo, Bearded Clam, Bearded Kitty, Bearded leisure center, Bearded Oyster, Beaver, Beaver Burger, Beehive, Bermuda Triangle, Biscuit, Bit ‘O Honey, Bit of Jam, Blind entrance, Blurt, Boat, Booty, Boris, Bottomless pit, Bottomless Pit, Box, Breakfast of Champions, Bull’s Eye, Bulls eye, Bun, Bun Warmer, Buried Treasure, Bush, Butterfly, Buttonhole, Cabbage Patch, Cake, Canal, Canyon, Carnal Trap, Cat, Center of the Universe, Chach, Cherry Pie, Chimichanga, Choch, Chocha, Choochoo, Christina Aguilera, Cigar Box, Cock Pit, Coin slot, Coochie, Cookie, Cookie Jar, Cooter, Cootie, Cooze, Crack, Crack of Dawn, Creamsicle, Crevice, Critter, Crotch, Crown and Feathers, Cum Catcher, Cunnicle, Cunny, Cunt, Cupid’s Alley, Delicious, Divine Scar, Doll House, Down There, Endless Pit, Fajita, Fanny, Finest Hour, Finger Hole, Fish Taco, Fishburger, Flesh Blanket, Flesh wallet, Flower Pot, Fluffy, Fly Catcher, Forest, Fruity Fun, Fuck Hole, Fun House, Fur Trapper, Furburger, Furness, Furry mongoose, Fury hoop, Fuzzy Cup, Garage, Gash, Gash, Gee, Gina, Ginch, Ginny, Golden Donut, Good Eatin’, Gopher Hole, Grand Canyon, Grassy Knoll, Gulf, Gully, Hairpie, Hairy Whizzer, Hatch, Heaven, Heaven’s Gate, Her, Her Highness, Her Majesty, Hidden Valley, “Ho cake, Hole, Holiday inn, Holster, Home, Home Base, Home of the Whopper, Home sweet home, Honey altar, Honey Hole, Honey Pot, Honey Tree, Hoochie, Hooha, Hoohoo, Hoop , Hot ‘N Juicy, Hot Meat, Hot Tuna Stew, Jam Pot, Jaws of Life, Jelly Roll, Juicy Lucy, Jungle, Keyhole, Kitty, Knish, Lady Jane, Lapland, Lily, Lips, Little Friend, Lollapalooza, Love Box, Love Button, Love Highway, Love House, Love Rollercoaster, Love Triangle, Lovers lane, Lovers Lane, Lucy, Lunch box, Mami, Map of Tasmania, Mink, Minnie Mouse, Money box, Monkey, Mossy Swamp, Muff, Mystic Rose, Nappy dugout, Natures Tufted Treasure, Nest, Nest, Nether end, Netherlips, Nethermouth, Ocean, Ooze, Pandora’s Box, Panocha, Peach, Peepee, Pencil Grinder, Pie, Piece, Pink, Pink Canoe, Pink Eye, Pink palace in the black forest, Pirates Booty, Pirates treasure, Pit, Play Ground, Play Pen, Poon, Poon Tang, Poondong, Poox, Poozle, Portal of Venus, Punani, Punany, Puss, Pussy, Queen of the Universe, Quic, Quick Sand, Quiff, Quim, Red lane, Red Sea, Red Snapper, Regina, Ripe Peach, Ruby fruit, Rubyfruit Jungle, Salmon sandwich, Scabbard, Scented Garden, Second hole from the back of the neck, See You Next Tuesday, She, Sideways Smile, Sister, Slant Eye, Slice, Slim, Slipper, Slit, Snack Cake, Snacky Treat, Snapper, Snapping turtle, Snapping Turtle, Snatch, South pole, Split, Split Loaf, Split Peach, Squeeze Box, Stench, Stephanie, Stinky Twinkie, Strange, Sugar, Sugar basin, Sugar Donut, Sunny Delight, Sweet Box, Sweet Meat, Sweet Piece, Tackle Box, Taco, Tail, Tail, Tang, Target, Teeny, “Temple, Temple of Venus, The Bermuda Triangle, The Bishop, The Deep, The Gap, The Goal, The Hirsute Queen, The Y, Till Tuesday, Toolbox, Trench, Trim, Trout, Tube Packer, Tuna Sandwich, Tunnel, Tush, Twat, Vag, Vagina, Vaginal Davis, Velvet Glove, Velvet Underground, Virginia, Vise Pipe, Wallet, Where the monkey sleeps, Whisker Biscuit, White meat, Womanhood, Womb, Woowoo, Yoni, Yum yum”

Other names for cunnilingus:

Blow some tunes, box lunch, canyon yodeling, carpet munch, clam dive, clam lapping, cunt lapping, dine at the Y, drinking at the fuzzy cup, eat hair pie, eat seafood, eating out, eating pussy, egg McMuff, face job, giving head, go south, grin in the canyon, growl at the badger, impersonate Stalin, lap cunt, muff dive, mumble in the moss, rug munch, sit on your face, skin dive, talk to the canoe driver, tongue fuck, whistle in the weeds, yodel up the valley.
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Cunt - это "пизда", довольно ненормативно, но причем здесь Сталин???? Я в шоке)

Изображать Сталина? Да, занятно. Кто их этих американцев поймет. Моя версия: раз речь идет о термине для куннилингуса, то там наверное партнерша с некоторыми зарослями предполагается. Так что приступая к ней, со стороны ты получаешь вид с усами ;) а Uncle Joe когда то в их сознании был одним из главных усачей мира :)

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