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Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita...

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Короток век кровопийцы
Если вас когда-то интересовала дальнейшая судьба медицинских пиявок...;) Не знал я такой их уникальной особенности.
“What happens to the leech after a treatment?

Rudy frowned at this one. “Well, unfortunately, the treatment turns out to be their last meal,” he replied. “Scientists have figured out that some human blood cells remain alive within a medicinal leech for up to six months.” Evidently, they’re still trying to figure out how this works but it appears to have something to do with the Aeromonas bacteria releasing chemicals that kill off other bacteria that might be present. Bacteria that would have presumably contributed to the destruction of the blood had they been alive and active.

“Anyway, blood-borne diseases can be transmitted if leeches get reapplied to someone else—so the bottom line is that once they feed, leeches are treated as medical waste.”

“And how do you dispose of them?”

“Submerse them in alcohol, generally,” Rudy said, then he looked at me over the top of his glasses again. “But you never want to flush them down the toilet.”

Excerpt From: Schutt, Bill. “Dark Banquet.” Crown Publishing Group, 2008

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ага. И они медленно и печально выпускают из себя кровь обратно фонтанчиком

Дожжешься от них :)

Дождешься. У меня сеанс гирудотерапии был.

Горжусь дружбой с таким героическим человеком

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