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Дождь из...
Продолжим тему дождя, который, как известно, может быть разным. Так, в 1981 госсекретарь США выдвинул СССР предъяву из-за того, что в Ю-В. Азии прошёл золотой дождь. Ну почти...

“In 1981, U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig cited yellow rain as evidence when he accused the Soviet Union of supplying chemical weapons to Communist Vietnam and Laos to use against the Hmong people, in violation of the Geneva Protocol and 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. The biologist and bee expert Thomas D. Seeley, now at Cornell, thought the description sounded like the massive “defecation flights” of honeybees known to send bee poop and pollen in rainlike showers of yellow. He later worked with the Harvard chemical-weapons expert Matthew Meselson to denounce the government’s claim and show “physical and biological evidence that yellow rain is the feces of Southeast Asian honeybees.”

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