Mirsoglasnomne (mirsoglasnomne) wrote,

Археологи нарыли

Вспомнил, что не постил эту любопытную историю из книги о семенах - как в раскопках нашли необычный исчезнувший вид магнолии. Исправляюсь:

“In 1982, in the course of excavating a 2,000-year-old settlement in Japan within a grain storage pit, archaeologists unearthed a single unusual specimen. Planted and watered, this seed revealed itself to be a magnolia. Following this remarkable germination, the plant was assumed to be an example of a common wild species. But 11 years later, when a flower magically appeared, this magnolia unfurled eight petals, unlike the characteristic six petals of Magnolia kobus. Roused from a 2,000-year slumber, this individual has been identified as a lost species suspended in time within the coat of a seed.”

Excerpt From: Chaskey, Scott. “Seedtime.” Rodale, 2014
Tags: biology

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